My new Jimdo-Page




This is a website to do with thomas and friends. the logo came from the discontinued series 'thomas the paint engine' of which there was only one episode. If you've seen my videos on youtube, you'll know im an MSTS man and am quite creative with my videos, by riskinning most engine to suit my needs. However, I might move onto Model series once I get a proper camera. Also, A model of sir handel has been sent to me and I hope to get it soon.

My latest video sofar is 'percy and the monster', which is currently my only MSTS vid with a microphone input used for narration, but it is worth knowing that i wasn't always an MSTS man. When I first showed my face on youtube I uploaded a short movie that I had done about six years ago. I also did 3 episodes of 'thomas the montage engine' which MIGHT return some day but i dont know yet